Why Bookalo

Bookalo provides a suite of innovative products and services designed for hotels, resorts and other lodging establishments of every size. Each product and service was designed to give the hospitality industry all the tools needed to compete and effectively manage and promote their business. Bookalo solutions permit you to improve customer service, capitalize on existing and emerging distribution channels and generate a greater return on investment. Through our web-based, easy-to-use reservation management platform you will be able to set the price of each stay on a case by case basis, resulting in increased revenue per available room (RevPAR) and improved profitability. You can rely on Bookalo to manage reservations, handle cancellations, advertise your property, collect payments, promote your offers, build your own website and much more.

What You get You eliminate
drive revenue advertising, more reservations worrying how to fill rooms
transactions comprehensive reservation processing credit card processing fees, bottlenecks
business processes fully automated back office manual processes, paperwork, error proneness
web presence well designed, standards compliant website webmaster and hosting costs
risk management low cancellation rate no-shows
technology enterprise environment downtime, data loss, e-mail outages, lack of security


Reservation through Commission
bookalo 10%
website 5%
platform 1%

Get listed on Bookalo for free. There are no upfront fees and maintenance costs: we employ a commission based pricing model and our software is delivered as a service (SaaS). For reservations originating from Bookalo the commission rate is 10%, while for those originating from the website of your accommodation provided by us is only 5%. If you use Bookalo as a platform to process the reservations made by your own customers the commission rate is 1%. All pricing is net of taxes. Even if you already accept online reservations, you may realize significant cost savings by switching to Bookalo.

Extend your reach

As a provider of travel services, you need to reach the right buyers. You can benefit from our wide range of distribution solutions that will put your name in front of travel agencies, travelers and corporations worldwide.

Expand your reach to a global audience of online and offline bookers to generate optimum reservation opportunities for your accommodation.

Using our reservation and distribution technologies, you can easily manage and sell inventory worldwide as well as enhance your own Internet distribution capabilities with our innovative e-commerce solutions. In addition you can take advantage of our financial, reporting and website building tools.

We can also help you with a range of smart business solutions to help streamline your operations and position you for future growth.