Reaching a wider audience


  • Features: description page, photo gallery, interactive map, online booking, deals page, guestbook
  • Accessible and standards compliant: valid XHTML, CSS, WCAG
  • User-friendly website building tool: choose template, colors scheme and fonts
  • Fully integrated with our reservation management platform


  • Scalable and flexible: massive compute capacity and storage
  • Reliable and redundant: datacenter built using large amounts of commodity hardware. When one node fails, millions of other nodes pick up the slack. As a result, you gain all the benefits of an always-on and self-healing infrastructure
  • Secure: multiple layers of operational and physical security to ensure the integrity and safety of your data. SAS70 Type II compliant.


  • Access your email from Outlook, Blackberry, webmail (AJAX enabled), and any other email software or wireless devices
  • Industry-leading protection against spam, viruses, and other email security threats
  • 2 GB of storage and allows messages up to 25 MB in size, fully-featured contact manager, integrated search, rich-text message composition
  • SSL encryption for POP/IMAP/SMTP/Webmail in order to encrypt your data so that others cannot view it

Domain name

  • Available .com, .net and .org extensions
  • You will be the owner of the domain name we register for you
  • ICANN accredited registrar
  • DNS administration


Free Basic Plus
Price Free € 30 / year € 50 / year
Website Yes Yes Yes
Hosting Yes Yes Yes
Domain name 3rd level* Yes Yes
Mailboxes 0 1 3
* Your site will be hosted on (eg.

Have a look at these samples

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